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Full moon release..


A walk in the fields..


Summer sales !!

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Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor, a photo by dekerf24 on Flickr.

Glastonbury, 27th June 09


The magical Fairy star


Rowan Blessing wand ..

Here is avery nicewand
which owes itsoriginality to
theprayerengraved in Théban at its base.
 This is and old text that draw the blessing of the Rowan Spirit

"I am protected and indestructible. Come what may, I am loved.
I accept the sweetness and abundance of Life and acknowledge my gifts.  
I honor the energy of Rowan for protection against evil enchantment.
I will not hobble myself with the chains of past failures."
 The Ogham of the Rowan is engraved below a gorgeous tip of healing Crystal Quartz ..The wood was gathered with respect in a very old celtic site.

 A very attractive and beautiful tool...
Using meditation, Rowan is helpful with clearing the mind and opening our inspiration. The Essence of Rowan is used in vibrational medicine to assist in attuning us to nature, broadening perspectives, and making room for a deeper understanding of our place here in the universe.  It also has a significant role in protection. Rowan wood was traditionally used to make spindles and…

Charm of the day

Folk Magic For A Happy Home What You Need
 - Mint
 - Clove
 - Grated Lemon Peel
 - Bay Leaf
 - China Bowl
 - White Cotton Handkerchief
 - Green Ribbon

Mix the mint, clove, grated lemon peel, and a bay leaf in your bowl.

Place the mixture on a white cotton handkerchief.

Tie the four ends with green ribbon.

Hang it near your front door and say the following:

"This charm that has been made by me,
it now protects my family.
We live in health and prosperity.
By the power of my spell
So it Must Be" by Jasmeine Moonsong from Wiccan Moonsong Daily Magic

Mother Goddess runic wand ..

Hi lovelies , here's one of my two last wands ..

 Craft in a beautiful  Ivy branch ..
 This wand evokessoftness andfemininity, sensuality
bycurves and its shapeat the baseevokingthe sacredfemininityof the Goddess
Its powerful energy is amplified by 2 healing point of Crystal Quartz
I engraved the Rune Berkana for the Great Goddess protection and healing. The wood was gathered with respect in a very old celtic site.

Lenght: 37 cms

Dragonfest last night party

Dragonfest last night party, a photo by Eldritch_the_dragon on Flickr. so cute !! really love the adventures of Eldritch :))

News from the blog ...

hello :)
I know there many of you, dear visitors , that come from the entire worldwide !!
So I 've decided to turn my blog in english . Almost of my customers are in US or UK , and so It will be more easy for us to spend time together :))

What do you think of that ?
please let me a com just to tell me if it suits you :)

have a wonderful day my friends <3

Pagan pendants , make your choise and enjoy :))))

Shipping cost : 3.50 euros for all the items

"Triple Moon "pendant, for Freya's protection ... 4 cms diameter :16.00euros

Earth Goddess pendant in Aventurine ,3 cms  long : 9.00 euros

Large Labradorite pendant , beautifuls colours and healing energy , 4,2 cms long , come with a leather cord  : 12 euros