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Chalice Well

Chalice Well, a photo by jackiesjottings on Flickr.

Chalice Well in spring

Chalice Well in spring, a photo by jackiesjottings on Flickr.

Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury


Blessings of Yemaya - Goddess doll with hag stone, "Goddess Blessings " pebble and Sea witch pendant kit -

Yemaya is a magnificent aspect of the Divine Mother.

Here a beautiful depict of that wonderful Goddess by :  Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit

"Goddess Yemaya’s domain is water, rivers, and what is often considered the birthplace of all of life on earth - the oceans and the seas.  She is specifically associated with the upper part of the ocean, which contains the most life.  Her first gift was a shell so that her people would always be able to hear her voice. Her name Mother Whose Children are the Fish, denotes that her children are countless and further relates her infinite and all encompassing life giving aspect.

Her symbols and associations include, the sea/ocean, rivers and all bodies of water, the six-pointed star, pearls, cowrie shells, mother of pearl, sea shells, silver, Mother Mary, mermaids, the full moon, the crescent moon, white flowers, the number 7, and the colors blue and white.  Yemaya is typically depicted as a mermaid or as a beautiful woman …

Norse Goddess Freya Pendant - Wealth and Love Amulet - Gift of the Goddess

This beautiful Freya's pendant is in Oak wood gathered in a powerful celtic place.

She's wearing a crescent moon on his head , and the Heart of Freya is carved on its breast

and just below, the Rune Fehu for wealth and protection of the Goddess

The color of the wood are amazing and she's very soft to touch

I've polished the pendant with homemade organic beewax

Come with a leather cord

Length: 8 cms

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`*Infused with Love and Light and a touch of Magick

Cernunnos Talisman - Deer Spirit - Runes power... €29,12EUR Celtic Dryad pendant Muin , Ogham, pagan, celtic, elf pendant, fairy, woodland, magic... €12,31EUR Triple Moon Goddess pendant, Goddess, moon, magic, pagan... €15,39EUR Viking pendant - God Balder amulet - Rune stav Talisman... €29,12EUR Crescent Moon pendant - Lunula Good Luck amulet - Norse Priestess talisman... €10,77EUR

Wiccan Priestess Pendant - Mother Goddess Necklace - Gift of the Oak

Look at that little Goddess :)
Isn't She Gorgeous ?

She's made with Oak wood gathered in a powerful celtic site
She's got a tiny silver pentacle on her belly

A perfect gift for a wiccan priestess :)

length : 5 cms

The color of the wood are amazing and she's very soft to touch

I've polished the pendant with homemade organic beewax

Triskele Fairy pendant - Fairy Wand amulet - Celtic Spirit... €12,48EUR Bindrune pendant - Sodalite and Deer Spirits - Viking Magic... €40,56EUR Norse magic pendant - Attract money and abondance pendant - Viking amulet with Citrine... €38,48EUR Triple Moon Goddess pendant in Deer Antler - Goddess of the Moon talisman... €33,28EUR Oak Fairy wand pendant - Priestess of the Fairy amulet - Gift of the Fairies... €20,80EUR

Spirit of Oak Goddess pendant - Gift of the Forest - Green Witch Amulet

This beautiful Goddess is handcrafted in Oak wood , the spirals and leafs are burned in the wood. One each side of the pendant is burn a
Vesica Pisces symbol:

The joining of God and Goddess to create an offspring
The vagina of the female goddess
The basic motif in the Flower of Life
An overlay of the Tree of Life
A source of immense power and energy.

The color of the wood are amazing and she's very soft to touch

I've polished the pendant with homemade organic beewax

Come with a organic hemp cord

Length : 4 cms

Celtic Goddess pendant - Goddess Brighid Talisman - St Brighid Cross Goddess necklace... €36,17EUR Avalon Goddess Pendant - Chalice Well Goddess- Avalon Priestess pendant... €40,79EUR Goddess Freya's pendant - Norse Goddess and Futhark... €15,60EUR Avalon Chalice Well pendant - Goddess of Avalon... €16,64EUR Celtic Goddess of Brú na Bóinne in Oak wood pendant- Priestess pendant-Newgrange Goddess... €39,52EUR

Agate Goddess pendant - Earth Goddess Necklace


Stone Spirit Pendant- Quartz Crystal Necklace

I'm Steppy, the Stone Spirit !
I bring you luck and joy in every circumstances!
My healing Quartz Crystal bring you balance and will cleanse your aura, and will protect you from negative energy . I'm made with polymère clay and come with a organic hemp cord

Lenght: 5 cms

Rune Berkana pendant - Deer Antler runic pendant- Norse magic... €24,96EUR Thor Hammer pendant - Bone Viking Talisman - Norse God amulet... €26,00EUR Quartz Crystal Pendant - Mermais Dream pendant - Pentacle, Quartz and Stones necklace... €16,64EUR Vegvisir pendant - Viking compass - Algiz pendant... €24,63EUR Witch's Finger amulet for Good Health - Witchcraft magic - Mistletoe and Rune protection... €12,48EUR Good Luck Norse Talisman - Rune Wunjo pendant - Mistletoe and Rune magic... €16,64EUR