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Spirits of the Woods Athame - Green Man and Cernunnos - Pagan Lore

This one of a kind athame is made is oak 
I carved the Elhaz rune , the Green man and a crescent moon on it and charged it with both Equinox Energy and moon eclipse of september , 27th
This Athame is dedicated to the Forest and Her spirits

on the base : oak moss , white jade , aventurine and turquoise 

lenght: 27 cms

Polish with organic beewax to give a beautiful finish and a good protection to the wood

It was nourished by precious oil blend of natural oils and essential oils, to protect it from negative energies and for the beauty of wood it really smell divine !

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`*Infused with Love and Light and a touch of Magick

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Pentacle amulet - Protection of the house - Goddess Blessings €29.12 EUR

Moon Goddess Talisman - Rune Lagu - Blessings of the Goddess

A large talisman dedicated to the Moon Goddess

Carved with the Goddess design , the rune Lagu and a crescent moon on the front , adorned with a acorn and oak moss , and carved with the sign for blessings and a triple Moon on the back

The wood is an extraordinary softness. The branch is very old, the wood is extremely dense.
I have long polished it with stone.
I use this method dates back to antiquity, the Egyptians were using particularly for stone and wood. I really love polish this way. The contact of these materials is truly magical!
And the result is a measure of pleasure began to practice it.

Each tool is anointed with a mixture of essential oils (rose, jasmine, honeysuckle and more ...) and precious organic oil to remove any negative vibration and wrap it with love. It also envelops a sweet and pleasant fragrance.

Polish with organic beewax to give a beautiful finish and a good protection to the wood

Come with a leather cord

mesure : 10 cms X 5

Infused with Love and Light

) O (


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