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Deer and Quartz Wand for Healing and Self-Esteem

Unique and powerful transformation and healing wand

The awesome Quartz that protects this wand is the most powerful crystal and healing tool
It is supported by coral, turquoise and jade
The oak moss pleasantly decorates the whole
The wood of deer brings to this wand all the virtues of this sacred animal

The talisman that is hung on it carries on one side a bindrune and on the other a sigil
These symbols bring their power to this wand. They allow the owner to regain love and self-esteem, but also to live all transformations and change in acceptance and fluidity

I put a lot of love and magic

) O (Magicals Blessings) O (

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Chrysocolla and chamois healing wand

Unique magical healing wand made by myself with beautifuls natural gifts of nature

The chrysocolla is a calm and useful stone.

The chrysocolla is a very positive stone, which strengthens friendship by diverting negative influences.
It facilitates meditation and communication. Helps to accept complicated situations, using his inner strength. The chrysocolla is a stone that restores self-confidence.
The chrysocolla purifies and charges all chakras.
Peter who encourages self-awareness and inner balance. It brings joy through its power to absorb negative emotions;
The chrysocolla eliminates our fears and negativity. It restores confidence to those who lack it. It reduces tension.

In a room where the atmosphere where in a living space is disturbed by mistrust, jealousy, chrysocolla reigns peace, understanding and tolerance.
The chrysocolla absorbs all types of negative energies in a house.

On the chakra of the throat, the chrysocolla facilitates understanding and dialogue.
On the solar pl…

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